We have received numerous Supplier Awards including “Supplier of the Year” from our customers based on Quality, Pricing, and On Time Delivery.



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Ingleside Machine Co. is a multi-purpose fabricator located in Farmington, NY

Ingleside Machine Co., Inc, established in 1974, is a woman owned business that supplies products utilized in the optical, photographic, medical, communication, and military industries.

Our customer base ranges from major corporations to independently owned companies. We utilize state of the art machinery to produce orders ranging from prototypes to mass production.

At Ingleside we realize the importance of single source responsibility to our customers. Quality and reliability are built into our products through a stringent quality control process and a “Zero Defect” philosophy. On time delivery is achieved through planning and partnering between customer and supplier. At Ingleside we are committed to exceed our customer’s expectations for quality, delivery and partnership.

Ingleside is knowledgeable regarding MIL (Military) and ASTM standards. We are an approved supplier to major corporations as well as to an array of smaller companies.


We offer a wide range of milling and turning styles to provide efficient delivery and quality products.


We offer in-house chemical conversion (Iridte) & E-Coat as well as many other coatings by quality approved suppliers.


We have a full service sheetmetal department that specializes in producing products; ranging from basic components to complex forming and enclosures.


Our kitting capabilities are designed to meet your individual business needs while our assembly capabilities allow us to deliver a finished product to your company’s requirements.